Friday, March 12, 2010

5 things we have been up to lately

Somedays my life is so busy I forget to eat. Life is busy right now but good. So much fun to be had and work to be done. This is what we have been busy with lately:

1) Traveling and blogging here. Travels have included: Fresno, North Dakota, Las Vegas, Arizona, Hawaii and more- which is just the beginning of this year's travels.

2) Work. I am still working from home as a social media consultant and copywriter. Reid is still working at Skywest as a multimedia developer (programming e-learning training for pilots and flight attendants).
3) Kissing this cute girl. As well as the accompanying copious quantities of dirty diapers. She has started rice (although we do multi grain) cereal and LOVES it. She sings while she eats it.

4) Side projects and businesses. Reid is working hard with TriMutiny and my blog is keeping us busy as well as freelance writing, and Reid's freelance designing and programming.

5) Reid is in scouts, in which he chases around ten year old boys trying to help them earn merit badges.

Although we are busy- we love it, love life and love each other.

Keep on keeping on!