Thursday, July 2, 2009

Four Years

Are you kidding me? Where has this time gone? Yesterday we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. So in tribute of a loving Mr. F here are some photos.

This is what we looked like five summers ago when we met:

Ignore Jill and the fact that I look 12 (I was really 19 and he was 21) and the fact that we didn't always look like this- it was warped tour and there you have it.

Then Flash forward to this summer five years later and we look like this:

Yes, quite the difference. Almost comical.

And now for the quintessential wedding picture from four summers ago:

I didn't even look at our photos or video this year. It's hard to look at yourself as a size two being whatever size I am, which I don't know because preggo pants don't come in numbers. I do love my Mr. F. He brought me home four chocolates and told me to savor each one just as I did the years we were married. I told him I can't wait till our 25th so I get 25 chocolates.