Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's the happenings

I probably should update this more often but really what am I going to write? All my posts would be my belly is getting bigger, none of my clothes fit, I want fast food all the time and I cry during hallmark commercials. Now that's not really entertaining is it? If you want that there are thousands of other blogs you can read with those statements and they get really old after awhile right?

But I can tell you I had a blast at Disneyland with Jill two weeks ago, I'm loving my contract/freelance work (still looking for more), and Reid started hockey again! But hockey is more fun this time because I have more people to cheer for and with! Brandon is playing so I get to see Lesley and Drew weekly, and Chels and Alex came up to watch a game (hopefully not the only time that happens) and even my parents went to one of his games! Who will be the next to come and support #23?

Lets see, we are going to Kentucky this weekend to visit April, which should be awesome, as usual.

As for this baby in my belly? I know she's there because she likes to kick and roll around. I definitly am starting to look pregnant not just fat. So that's nice. I'm officially six months last Saturday and freaking out that crap- at the end of this I really do get a baby and really do become a mom. Can I really be a mom? We shall see...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An update on our lives...

May has been a great month. First off we had Chelsie and Alex's wedding which was fun to spend the day with them and the family.Reid and I went on a press trip to Redondo Beach earlier this month where we were treated like kings and queens. We ate great food and met some really interesting people. We had a blast. Then it was my birthday- I turned 24 which for some reason feels really old to me which only people my age seem to understand. Reid did a great job taking me to Benihana's for lunch, surprising me with fun gifts throughout the day and while I was at my social media club meeting "built" me a cake. It was really sweet. Then over memorial day weekend we chilled and relaxed and went on a hike and had a picnic. We also taught sharing time in primary. Another great thing about the month was we finally got started on our backyard! We had a concrete patio poured and had sod put in- well Reid did it.

Then last week we found out we were having a baby girl and we were really excited. Then the bad news I was laid off from work. I thought I would be more upset but I know it's all part of the plan and I felt really underappreciated there (obviously) and am ready for something new. Instead of looking for a full time job at five months pregnant I am looking for contract and freelance work. I need a break from the 9-5 and think this will be a better option for when the baby comes. I already have some contract work with an agency and they are paying me way better than my old agency. So I feel good about my lay off and now that it was all part of Heavenly Father's plan.

Lastly, last weekend we went to St. George with Chelsie and Alex to spend time as a family doing our most favorite thing! That's right we went out on the boat. Right after we had dropped the boat a huge storm picked up and it started white capping- just our luck right? We decided to ride out the storm and just spent the time talking and laughing. Then just like it came- the storm went away and we had glassy water! The sun even came back out! Chelsie, Reid and Alex all took turns wakeboarding. I'm not going to lie I was pretty jealous. I reallllly miss wakeboarding but being on the boat soaking up the sun was good enough for me!

Anyways, now I am off to southern california for the next two days to spend time with Jill. We are going to Laguna Beach and Disneyland. Then Bianca comes on Friday! It's like best friend week or something! I promise to take pictures so this blog won't be to boring.