Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shameless Plug

I have a travel blog- did you know that? Check it out! Learn it, live it, love it. Visit often. Toodles!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Post Script

Reid read my Hello Sunshine blog post and said I was creepy. And I had to agree with him a little. Maybe that's what becoming a mom does to you? Makes you a little creepy?

In other news... I have become a crotchety old lady who waves her broom at teenagers. Not really but sort of. The other day me neighbor- who's mother must not have been home, although it wouldn't suprise me if she was- had some little hoodlum friends over and they were climbing all over the roof, yelling and being obnoxious. In all honesty I would have been annoyed normally because I live in condos and we are all so close we need to have mutual respect- but because my baby was sleeping I was even more annoyed. PLUS if one of the little hoodlums would have fallen and cracked open their skull not only would I have to see the blood everyday I go to check the mail- it would be the HOA that would be responsible. So I did the only thing I could think of in which a normal mature adult would do- I opened my door, stood there with my hands on my hips and yelled for them to get off the roof or I would call the cops.

WOW! What on heavens earth has happened to me? I swear it was yesterday it was me that was up to no good. My how times have changed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello there sunshine!

I haven't really posted on this blog much because I started a mommy journal. I figured people would get sick of me gushing about my baby all the time. I do plan on sharing some of my entries on here though. So reader beware it's going to be a gush fest today.

Dear Sadie baby,

Those crystal clear blue eyes and ginger hair are perfect but nothing compared to that smile and those giggles. If I lost my house, my computer, and everything else but was still able to see and hear those giggles I could be happy. Being a mom is really hard and someday you will understand that, but if I’ve had a stressful day and then you giggle it’s all out the window. Someday you will also understand how much I love you, but only when you have a sweet little girl (or boy) like you, will you get it. I know you don’t love me as much as I love you and that’s ok. My life changed the moment they set that warm baby in my arms, changed forever. I could barely even see you through those tears of joy. I felt like a piece of my heart was missing before but was filled when you entered my life.

Tonight I held you while you were sleeping. I tried to put you down but I couldn’t. I wish I could freeze time. I’m afraid if I blink it will be your wedding day. Please know you mean the world to me. Please know you are never alone. Sometimes when nothing else works to get you to sleep I lay you in your crib and you fuss a little but quickly fall asleep. You may not know that I’m sitting in your room, but I am. I know the world is scary and hard but I’ll be there- sitting in your room, even when you don’t know it. I love you, little princess.

Love and kisses,