Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sadie Grace's birth story

I love reading other people’s birth stories. I find them to be inspiring and beautiful. I decided to share Sadie’s story only because I feel it necessary since I read so many others. I do want to throw caution to the wind and inform you I write this not as a horror story because there was nothing horrific about the way Sadie Grace entered into the world. It was spiritual and perfect in every way. Just like her. I also do not look for sympathy because if asked to I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The biggest thing I learned is nothing happens according to plan.

It all started on Tuesday morning around 3 am when I awoke to what I was sure was my water had broken. I waited around a few hours then called my midwife around five. I told her I wasn’t sure- but I think my water had broken. She asked if I was having contractions and I said no. She mentioned I should wait a few more hours and then head to the hospital to be checked out. I awoke Reid an hour later and let him know. We packed up all our stuff, took a shower and headed to the hospital. After a little bit of paper work, my midwife and another nurse ran a few tests. The tests were inconclusive. Meaning that half said my water had broken but half said they didn’t. My midwife gave me the choice to either be induced or go home and wait for real labor. I really wanted my labor to be as natural as possible and since I wasn’t strep b positive and she could feel the bag of waters still in tact- we both felt ok waiting it out.

About two hours after I got home contractions started. They were mild for the most part, never increased in intensity and were never consistent. Because of this we decided it was false labor. I talked to my midwife that night when she called to check on me and she said it could be because of the tests irritating things. I was able to fall asleep Tuesday night but was woken up on Wednesday morning at 3 am with contractions that I couldn’t talk through. I worked through them on my own and timed them thanks to my iphone app. They were strong but still inconsistent. At 5 am they woke Reid up and he helped me through them for the next couple of hours. I told him I was going to take a shower to see if they would go away and lied to him that they did so he wouldn’t stay home for another day of false labor. The contractions continued all day and were intense but inconsistent going five mins apart to seven to thirteen and back to five. Because I was told to wait until they were 3-5 minutes apart I thought I was still in false labor.

That night they got more intense. I would say on the pain scale of at least eight. Though they never became regular. I labored by myself that night downstairs because I didn’t want to wake Reid up. Going on my third night of no sleep I drew myself a bath until I couldn’t last anymore and called out to Reid to get my phone. I talked to the midwife on call and told her what was happening. She said it was obvious I was in pain and to head to the hospital and I would probably be surprised at how far along I was. Reid, his mom and I got ready and jumped into the car. After getting settled in a room the nurse strapped me down- which was awful because I labored much better standing up and rocking- and checked me. I was devasted to find out I was only 1 cm- which I had been for a week. The first nurse was kind of rude and acted like I was a wuss for coming in in such pain and only being at a 1. Luckily it was shift change and a nicer more understanding nurse came in. She moved me to a room with a Jacuzzi tub and let me labor in there for awhile. The midwife on call came in and said that since I had been in labor for 44 hours and wasn’t progressing I could either go home and take meds, or I could get an epidural and have the baby today. I burst out crying because neither of the options were what I wanted to hear. I couldn’t bear the thought of another day of labor that didn’t go anywhere. But I really desired a natural birth. After talking it over with Reid we decided to go with the epidural and have the baby.

An hour later I got my epidural, my wonderful midwife Sandae came in (on her day off!) and checked me and broke my water. An hour later she came back and checked me and I was at a five. Because I was progressing they kept me on the lowest level of pitocin. Two hours later she came back and said if I wasn’t at a seven then they would up the pitocin. She checked me and I was a ten and said time to have the baby! I remember looking over at Reid and he looked pale like he couldn’t believe it was already time. An hour and a half of pushing my sweet baby girl was laid into my arms and for the first time I got to look into my baby’s eyes. Per my request they did the initial pediatric exam of Sadie while she was laying across my chest. It was beautiful and she was beautiful.

Later while they were cleaning up a nurse leaned over to me and said- you are lucky to have Sandae as your midwife. Most doctors wouldn’t hesitate to cut an episiotomy but your midwife took great care of you. I knew that going into it and because of my midwife I only had four small stiches. My recovery was quick and not painful. I want to mention to every woman out there that you have options. If you take the time to write a birth plan and choose a provider that will honor them, you can have birth the way you wish. I wish more people would give midwifes a chance. You don’t have to go to an OB unless you are a high risk pregnancy. Midwifes offer better care, are more personal, and will stay with you while you labor and can I mention a lot cheaper. Had I gone naturally without medication my midwife would have labored with me. What doctor comes in on their day off to deliver your baby and take great care to make sure your wishes are fulfilled? I challenge you to do your homework. Even if you don’t want a natural birth.

Although things didn’t happen the way I wanted them to, Sadie’s birth was perfect. And even though I didn’t get the full natural birth I wanted (even though technically I went through three natural births with 44 hours of unmedicated labor) I can’t remember the pain because now I hold my sweet baby girl and realize I would do it all over again.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reasons you may not have seen me lately

So... I wish I had more to blog about. Seriously, I do. I pretty much don't leave the house anymore. I mean why bother? I work from home, which is almost as awesome as it sounds except I do get lonely sometimes. I guess in about a week or so the loneliness will turn to crazy sleep deprived mom with an uber cute newborn. Whatever.

It's really good I don't leave my house though because none of my clothes fit. I don't say this to solicit sympathy it's just a fact. Maternity clothes are too small and I do try to snag my husbands clothes every now and then when I must leave the house to take out the trash or go on a much needed walk. Although pretty sure I won't allow that to happen ever again because one day last week it was pretty late and Reid and I headed out to get a little fresh air and I looked filthy with some mismatched outfit that consisted of one of Reid's shirts that don't worry was too small for me, some nasty blue pants, and pink and white sneakers. In my head I thought- noone will be out at this time no big deal. Wrong. Everyone and thier dog (literally) were out. And it's not bad enough that these people are my neighbors but hello, I live in Utah so they are in my ward too. Of course they were nice and polite but secretly in their heads they wondered where I stashed my spaceship. Oh well, you win some you lose some!
In random news: here is a nasty picture of my foot. I was about to go around the neighborhood posting signs for my missing ankle but this will do. The really awesome part about this is my other foot was completely normal!