Sunday, March 29, 2009

The truth of our existence

I’m pregnant. (Please check out this link.) If you don’t believe me- here is the test to prove it.
I’m 12 weeks along and that has been a great feat for me. Reid and I both are very excited, nervous and perplexed. I know Reid will be a great dad and I’m hoping I will be a great mom as well. In order to avoid a barrage of questions that no doubt follow an announcement like this- I will answer them for you here.

How far along are you: 12 weeks. Hooray- I have made it through the
three worst/best months of my life.

Have you been sick: Yes. Very very sick. I didn’t know it was possible
to feel like this 24/7- why do they even call it morning sickness? I
looked around my house today and almost cried at how things have just
fallen by the wayside. Normally my house is spotless but it all could
use a good scrubbing. I have the best husband who has taken up a few
new responsibilities temporarily and has for the most part been very

Was it planned: How rude of you to ask. But since you did- yes this
was planned, as much as you can plan a pregnancy.

Are you going to find out the sex: Yes. Although I do love surprises-
this is one I feel I’d like to prepare for.

Do you want a boy or a girl: I want both. Normally I believe people
lie when they say that- but here are my reasons. Pros for a boy: Reid
is the namesake. And I don’t mean in just Reid’s family- but his
entire family (no pressure) so having a boy would relieve a lot of
pressure. Pros for a girl: I want a girl.

Are you excited: No not at all. Of course we are!!!

Have you been to the doctor yet: No. I’m not using a doctor- I’m using
a midwife. Call me crazy but I want a personal birth experience and I
believe this is the best way to obtain it. But I have been to see our
midwife and we got an ultrasound and the baby waved. I kid you not.

Where are you delivering: LDS Hospital

Will you work after having your baby: Of course I would love to be a
stay at home mom- and someday that will happen for me- but for now
Reid and I have dreams and goals we are striving to achieve and that
will require me to continue working after the birth of our first baby.

Have you had any cravings: Well I had cravings before I was pregnant
but now they are magnified. Some of my cravings have been: waffles,
Taco Bell, KFC, mashed potatos, spaghettios, thanksgiving dinner,
fruit and fruit flavored candy- and anything gummy (specifically gummy
froggies), and many other random things.

Have you had any aversions: Ha. Any time I am going to eat I have to
stop and think- could I eat that? And if the thought makes me want to
barf then the answer is no. But my weirdest aversion has been homemade
cookies- or really any cookies for that matter. And chocolate. Which
has been a bummer since I bought ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies and
can’t really eat them.

Well, I think that’s it for now. It’s nice to be able to tell people
now. I kept it a secret for a long time- even from my family who we
told at 10 weeks, because I was scared and superstitious. It’s an
exciting time in our lives and something that has brought us closer
together. Our relationship has definitely changed since we found out
we were having a baby and definitely for the better- not that it was
bad before. This is something neither of us have ever experienced and
I’m so grateful to be going through all this with him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little update on our lives

So the past month has been Crazy with a capitol C!!!!!!! It started off great with the first weekend of the month taking a trip to PHX to catch a pre-season game and check in with the grandparents. That was a quick trip but a blast nonetheless. We saw the Dodgers play but was very sad to see no Manny.

Then things went a little crazy when we found out what we had thought was a stroke was really a heart attack and Reid's dad needed an emergency triple bypass. Reid jetted (literally) down to St. George and worked from Skywest's headquarters for a few days to be with his mom and family and I joined him on Friday morning. While we were all worried and concerned for Buff it was a nice excuse to see April, Desi, Mark, Chelsie, Alex and kids. Buff is doing well and came home from the hospital this week. Reid also went down this past weekend to help his Mom prune the trees to get them ready for all the delicious fruit to come this summer. Can't wait to play peach baseball again!!!!

Then there was the migraine. It just wouldn't go away!!!! So I stayed home from work yesterday and was bummed and really sad and just not doing well physically and emotionally. Who comes to my rescue??? Of course my lovely hubby. He suprised me and came home from work with a package of gummy bears and had rented me the movie I had been wanting to watch: Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.

Things are a little less crazy here at the Fuller household but knowing us- not for long.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 things I will do before the month is through

1. Make a new friend (any suggestions)
2. Come up with a new business idea (any suggestions)
3. Eat a hot dog

Mr F's (Reid) new glasses

Doesn't he look super cute and sophisticated?