Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last Garbage Bag

Last week we used our last garbage bag. Is that a weird thing to blog about? Perhaps. We bought the box of garbage bags the week we moved into our house. That was two years and one month ago. I guess we are not a big trash family. That's got to make you feel good right?

Anyways, we are still busy. Sadie turns six months this week. She is rolling around, babbling, giggling, eating rice cereal and fruits and veggies. She is so happy. We love her. Last month we went to Las Vegas to visit Grandma and Grandad (my parents), Reid tried to get to Argentina and Peru (took a red-eye to JFK then an early morning flight to Atlanta to meet our brother in law who couldn't make the flight to ATL and then he turned around and came home to SLC) but it didn't work so he will try again this month, had our friends from Minnesotta come visit for a weekend and we took them snowboarding (two awesome days in a row), had Desi and Elliott and Reid's mom over which helped distract me from the crazy tests they were doing on me to determine if I had Crohn's disease (I don't thank goodness).

Now it's Sadie's first Easter and we are celebrating it in Southern Utah with Reid's mom! Sadie didn't really understand her easter basket but she loved playing with the grass! Here are some random pictures to enjoy:

The view from my desk while I work and Sadie plays

Sadie playing in her exersaucer

Sadie get's so excited when daddy comes home from work. Even if she's crying, hungry or tired- the second Reid steps in the door she's giggling and wants NOTHING to do with me anymore ; )

Sadie in Grandpa's (Reid's dad) truck

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