Sunday, October 10, 2010

Her favorites

Friday the 8th was little miss Sadie's 1st birthday. We had celebrated her birthday the weekend before with all of her grandparents, some aunts and uncles and some friends. So this day was just a laid back enjoy Sadie day. The perfect type of day in my opinion. Since it was her day, we focused on doing her favorites all day long.

I spent the day climbing up and down the stairs with her, eating goldfish crackers, singing primary songs and dancing super silly, and there was lots of the very hungry caterpiller readings. That night we had cheese pizza, apple juice, and strawberries for dinner followed up with a chocolate cupcake. I even let her pick out some birthday balloons at the store (she chose the princess one, go figure right?).

I can't believe my little angel is one. I'm pretty sure it's not fair how fast that time goes by. I can say without doubt that this was the best year of my life. I have learned so much about me, Reid, and even the gospel. Love her, love life, and love you!

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